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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Customer Value Framework - Revisit

The Crafitti Thought Ignition Paper Series (Crafitti TIP) started with the Customer Value - The Unknown Fundamental
The paper became an article at Realinnovation Site as Define and Quantify Customer Value - Reveal the Needs

Recently I saw it referred at this Blog in toto

The email from Mr. Sergei Sestnov changes the story referred at the satrt into a PLAY - which is a great play on the initial story!!!!!

Sent: Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:56 AMTo: navneet.bhushan@crafitti.comSubject: roach & ants

Just read your article about customers value of products.
The story about the dying cockroach & ants is very funny and probably has a deeper meaning...

But, anyway, what if you look at the situation at another angle. In the described example ants look "stupid" - they are running all over the place searching for food, while the food is right there, but for some reason they don't get it.
But if you make an assumption - ants are "smart" - then an observer can imagine a different scenario.

"Ants Talk" (Abstract Play)

Ant Soldier: "Boss, my guys see a dying roach, but still alive within 2000 heads away from the hill. Shall we go and get him or shall we wait?"

Ant Captain: "You guys, are young, no experience. This roach can kill a dozen of you easily. Just wait, he won't go anywhere, when he passes away, then we cut him in pieces and drag home - the Queen will be very pleased with her army. But as for now, don't waste time and keep on looking for food, you know today Mama Queen laid 10 000 more eggs - soon new borns will need more food. Come on! Move!"

Roach talking to himself: "Man, that broom was fast, almost killed me. Hope I will be able to turn over and crawl away as far as possible from these little monsters, otherwise they will have a nice party eating "roachburgers".

Curtain down.
Funeral march.
Audience crying & laughing at the same time.

What I am trying to say is that often people see things through the prizm of their assumptions, or previous experience, or some "settings" in their "mind-computer". And then in every situation they will find what they expect to find.

But anyway, I enjoyed reading you article about customer's needs - clearly defining them and then finding solution as close as possible to the Ideal Final Result that's the key point of the whole Inventing Game.

With the best wishes,

Sergei Sestnov
(TRIZ fan since 1992)

*********************** I can only Thank YOU all ******************
And.... Let us pursue Innovation - exploring, experimenting and experiencing continuously!

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