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Monday, June 29, 2009

Gary Hamel in Future of Management

Gary Hamel says in The Future of Management

"Today, obedience, diligence, and expertise can be bought for next to nothing. From Bangalore to Guangzhou, they have become global commodities"

He further gives a Table of relative contribution of specific human capabilities in value creation and comes up with following Table

Passion 35%
Creativity 25%
Initiative 20%
Intellect 15%
Diligence 05%
Obedience 00%
Total 100%

He further states and I quote, "... rule-following employees are worth zip in terms of competitive advantage they generate"

Would like to hear the readers views? Do you believe above %ages or would like to change them or would like to add any other factors - for example, Managers who quote numbers, may like to have Standardized processes as human capabilities!

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