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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Designers of HOPE

Have you ever met people who are always positive? People who will always talk the bright side of every problem, crisis, issue, stress, conflict, confrontation and even loss.

When not so good news are the norm, when world around you is falling, when mind and heart starts to sink, when gloom descends, when the lowest depths of process called "living life" are openly staring in your eyes, when everywhere, every talk and every nuance, is about how bad the situation is, there comes people who intuitively, naturally, with remarkable compassion and empathy DESIGN HOPE.

Hope Designers natural lens is positive, their mental framework is to look at those rays of light, that are not even imagined by minds totally engulfed in darkness. The hope designers connect with your heart - they proactively make your spirit soar. They make life happen.

Hope Designers make you realize that beauty is part of truth. They give you strength when weakness has almost destroyed your view of yourself. They communicate passion, intellect and love - with purity, directness and with so much natural insights that it opens your heart and mind to unforeseen opportunities. It is an immediate switch. A click. A realization that what you were thinking to be very bad storms are just a whiff of fresh air.

Hope Designers make Change happen within you. They innovate, without changing anything from outside. They innovate on your mind and heart. After a hope design session you have reached a flow state that makes you completely oblivious of your own self. You are in a state of bliss - that does not create any tiredness, any stress, any tension or even an iota of inkling that your are being transformed bit by bit, second by second, word by word, thought by thought, feeling by feeling - and you have suddenly become so full of energy and life that you just see Hope everywhere.

Hope Designers make you complete. They make you realize - there is nothing incomplete. They make you understand that what you are, what the world is as is complete. They make you come to terms with so called limitations, aspirations and deficiencies by pointing to you there is no need to actually change anything, except for your lenses of seeing what is happening. They suddenly give your life meaning, your work a name, your perception a shape, your life a belief and your humid, stuffy and heavy heart, tonnes of sun shine.

They Design Hope - when you have no clue about the smallest component of that design!

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