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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TRIZ TUTORIAL AT PMI CONFERENCE AT Bangalore 13 September 2012

Project Management Institute (PMI)'s Bangalore Chapter, annual conference PMPC 2012 will be held on 14-15 September 2012. 
Join us for a half day tutorial on TRIZ on 13th September 2012
INVENTING NEW PROJECTS - Applying TRIZ for project creation before managing

The new world is thriving on innovation – which we define as successful creation of change using ideas. To innovate – we need to create the new. We believe the project managers need to become project creators. 

Ideas – how to get the Non-obvious ones

“IDEAS are those thoughts that bring in the genesis of change – many times fundamental. These are thoughts that one doesn’t get in regular run-of-the-mill thinking. IDEAS can happen serendipitously in human mind. They can happen at any time. They can be fleeting glimpses of problem solutions, can be dreams of possible new opportunities, and can be new design structures or simply new experiences. IDEAS don’t happen just like that. They come to prepared minds. Only prepared minds can transform these thoughts into change. It requires an ability to generate and execute at the same time. IDEAS need to be crafted through orchestrated immersion. Contrary to popular belief of organization having lots of ideas and it is all about execution, our experiences show ideas need to be crafted through orchestrated immersion of minds that work inside and with the enterprises.”
TRIZ - History

After the Second World War, Altshuller, a patent officer in the Soviet Navy, started a systematic study of patents and inventions. His aim was to find out what makes a successful invention! Can there be an algorithm for inventing? His expedition culminated in TRIZ – The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, dispelling some innovation myths along the way

·   My Field is Unique (In fact, problems and solutions in multiple fields are same or similar)
·   Experts know Best (In fact, deeper knowledge leads to psychological inertia)
·   Systems Evolve Randomly (in fact, system evolution is predictable at the abstract level)
·   Invention is the search for the Optimal Solution (in fact, Inventions eliminate system conflicts not compromise)
The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) is most potent methodology for inventing the new – this tutorial will expose the PMs to develop into project creators as well – which is the basic need in the changing world!
Delegates will be exposed to
  • Understanding the level of an invention and a patent
  • Finding out the key contradictions the invention is solving
  • Defining problems by understanding systems and Functions
  • Laws and lines of system evolution/Imagining future systems using Laws of system Evolution

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