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Sunday, October 26, 2014

What is the best way to access my online articles and content?

A recent linkedin connection asked me this question

"Nice connecting with you. I would like to go through your articles and videos. What is the best way to access them?"

My reply to his simple question is perplexing to me

"Nice to connect.

An interesting question. Forget about the "best" I have difficulty in answering "any" way to access.

First problem - not in one place.

nevertheless let me try

1. (Inside TRIZ has some of my article)

2. I write a regular column at FrontierIndia

3. TRIZ-Journal (revived website) has some of my old article

4. I blog at

5. My slideshare

6. My google Scholar citations (of my book as well as some other papers)

7. My company website

8. Youtube Videos (just a few)

9. Crafitti's facebook page is very active

10. Linkedin groups ( I run two)

My apologies for such putting you to such a detailed "algorithm" to access my rants and rumblings
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