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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Publishing on LinkedIn - Pulse and Writing on LinkedIn

If you are on linkedin, you would have seen the opportunity that LinkedIn provides to publish your writings.

It was there, and I did not know whether to avail or not, since I write this blog, as well as a column on Frontier India , I was hesitant to start.

A late night chat with a friend on facebook resulted in a quick article which I promptly published on linkedin as

CHANGE IS DESIGN - one can read it on linkedin HERE

The response was quick and interesting, I could see how many have viewed the article and how many shares etc.

Since then in less than two weeks I have written 5 more posts (small articles on topics, experiences and views that I have)

Need for changing the Indian IT services companies -
(a) Needed Revolution can be read HERE
(b) What the IT Services Revolution will require can be read in part 2 HERE

How networks help in connecting. The way one can connect utilizing the hidden power of networks is what I have discovered and written as My Mother's Recipe

Then I wrote couple of my personal experiences on how people use certain phrases without actually connecting with the reality. How one can counter those people. You can read it as I want it Yesterday Syndrome

A facebook post led me to write on when should one start on a new idea - or start a new enterprise - and I wrote Soon After, Never.

Overall it has made me spend more time on LinkedIn and also quick publishing and feedback on thoughts and ideas.

Nice Experience!

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