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Monday, August 17, 2015

Artificial Intelligence - set of views - The Law of Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming hot again.This time though it looks wide and deep enough to stay though as a technology that can solve real problems.

Jeff Zaleski explains the Challenges of AI at this article at parabola.

1. The danger however is what happens next - the superintelligence challenge as described in some details in Bostrom, Nick. Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies (Oxford University Press, 2014).
"Perhaps the most important characteristic of artificial intelligence is that it keeps getting smarter. AI will not remain human-level for long. Most experts believe that within a few years, if not a few days, after the advent of human-level intelligence, artificial “superintelligence” will arise. As soon as human-level AI is reached, corporations and governments in possession of that AI will flood resources into its betterment."

2. Here is another view of Robots developing someday ethics as per Minsky. However, the challenge will be if we make them ... religious ... Will BOTS be religious?

3. The first steps include chatbots with personality - the Huffingtonpost article describes this trend here. 

4. AI intrudes into traditional drug discovery even - how AI can make drugs better is unseen benefit. See the article here. 

5. And there is obvious application in War fighting with rising IQ of machines.
6. ... and there are views that all these fears are way too much into future - we really do not have AI as of now.

“I’m actually really bemused by this sudden furor over the dangers of AI,” Underkoffler told me. “It’s a pretty simple reaction. We don’t have AI and we’re nowhere close to it.”

7. Machines by the way will become "philosophers" anyway - Here's what Google's AI Bot answers

Human: What is immoral?
Machine: The fact that you have a child.

8. In the age of intelligent machines - what will man do - My Views are - Open Evolution.  

9. We need to understand the difference between intelligence and consciousness of machines. Please read here. What Elon Musk, Stephen Hawkings and Ray Kurzweil do not get! 

10.  Law of Increasing Intelligence of Technical Systems - as proposed by me Here - is the definite direction and we can not avoid it.
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