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Thursday, October 16, 2008

GIXBang Scenarios 2009

The Globalizing Innovation Complexity (GIX) is showing up now. We have a situation where the wealth of nations, corporates and individuals is going off at such a rapid pace that people who are not adapting to this world are going to face severe problems. Peeping into future through GIXBANG Scenario Writing, I envisage 4 possible scenarios from now till April 2010.

Scenario I: The Economic Ripple Effects Continue and world has lost 40% of large monolithic MNCs or Global Corporations

Scenario II: The world starts gaining the wealth back and its back to a situation of 2006-2007

Scenario III: There is a Major War with have-nots of the past world overtaking political, military, economic and social fabric to launch an offensive against the haves

Scenario IV: A new type of structure emerges for wealth creation - where many small organizations or even individuals combine together to create value everywhere - They actually replace the large monolithic hierarchical social structures or large organizations by networked peer-to-peer social relationships.

I shall be developing these scenarios over next few weeks - please comment and add your scenarios. Lets do an open scenario writing!

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