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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In the Globalizing Innovation compleXity (GIXBang) world, what are the dimensions that enterprises - large and small need to focus on? Before we explore this question, let me explain the GIXBang world as I characterized it sometime back at this post
I think - GIX will change the actors and the rules will be defined and created as the GIX Bang move faster and faster. So all those actors who want to follow command and control and want to control GIX Perestroika and GIX Glasnost (remember Gorbachev in late 1980s) - should really understand the GIXBang - it is all about co-creation. If you are not co-creating, you are out!

What should Enterprises focus on in the GIXBang World?

The DIXGLEACK Model gives nine dimensions or pillars for crafting success in the GIXBang World. These dimensions are:

1. Decision Making: How does the enterprise make decisions at all levels? This is not a trivial question. Despite the centuries of work, it is not known. In fact, typically this is not studied. Understand how decisions are made and create a continuous improvement capability to make decisions at all levels of the enterprise. Decisions need to be Engineered!

2. Innovation: How does the enterprise innovates? This is also a non-trivial question. Innovation need to be crafted at all levels of the enterprise.

3. compleXity: How does the enterprise embrace complexity? Does the enterprise optimize complexity at all levels? compleXity need to be Embraced?

4. Globalization: How does the enterprise explore its globalization and how does the enterprise experiment with globalization? The pace at which globalization need to happen should be balanced. Globalization need to be Explored and Experimented with?

5. Learning: How does the enterpise design Learning at all levels. Traditionally enterprises are not designed to learn. Learning requires relaxed alterness, experience immersion, active processing of experiences. Learning need to be designed in the enterprise.

6. Entropy: Meaure of disorder is enterprise entropy. How to utilize entropy rather than demolish enterprise structure is a question that needs to be answered through continuous exploration. Entropy need to be utlized for ideation and exploration.

7. Adaptability: How does the enterprise adapts to change. As we know the best way to adapt to change is to create it. Still there are extreneous factors that need to be understood as change is part of evolution anyway. Adapability should be the inherent mindset of the enterprise.

8. Customer Value: The most important reason that enterprise exists is that it has customers. What value it is delivering and how to continuously enhance the value should be paramount for the enterprise. Everything else is part of delivering value.

9. Knowledge: This is such a cliched area that what knowledge managers does for the enterprise as of now, need to be relooked. It is about ignorance realization. The more you know, more you know how less you know, is the vicious circle of knowledge. Knowledge should be based on Continuous Ignorance Exploration.

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