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Saturday, September 01, 2007

GIX is changing the rules of the Game!

Sarkozy sees French way to globalize: Collectively
Can General Motors Change How Companies Think About IT Outsourcing?
Globalization: The good, the bad, the ugly

Just a sample is the above three links on how Globalizing Innovation Complexity (GIX) is changing the rules and actors.

first one says the French President wants France to embrace Globalization with new rules of Governement joining with the industry to create a new type of organization, besides relaxing the 35 hours week industry policy. Second says how GM which has been outsourcing IT services for more than a decade is defining the new way of IT outsourcing - where the new CMMI ACQ Model will be used for outsoucring assessments. This is a classic case of trying to control - an area which is traditionally been self-organization based (see the open source success). Third link talks about a small story about Journalistic work being outsource as well, considered as a new arena of outsourcing.

I think - GIX will change the actors and the rules will be defined and created as the GIX Bang move faster and faster. So all those actors who want to follow command and control and want to control GIX Perestroika and GIX Glasnost (remember Gorbachev in late 1980s) - should really understand the GIXBang - it is all about co-creation. If you are not co-creating, you are out!
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