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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Creating Brilliant Enterprises

Recently read an old paper of mine titled Creating Next Generation Enterprises which was published in the erstwhile eAI Journal (In 2002). Well 5 years back! Isnt it too old.

I have described the journey of entrprises from Data Driven -> Information Driven -> Knowledge Driven -> Intelligent Decision Making (I called the UDEK - Ubiquitous Decision Enabling Knowlegde) -> Smart Enterprises and Finally the brilliant enterprises which will be not only smart but self-learning and environment aware - where Innovation is the norm.

Looking at my own journey - I think I have been exploring various techniques from modeling simulation, multi-criteria decision making, TRIZ, Lean, and now the complex systems studies as reflected in the so called New Science - I believe the subconscious mind works on its own - as these are not explored in any systematic manner - I have been moving into these fields inadvertently - Amazing.

The concept of Brilliant Enterprises came to me from defence terminology - having read about dumb bombs to smart munitions and then the so called brilliant bombs that were coined to differentiate the inherent intelligence of the new bombs compared to the dumb bombs of the old technology.

So the Brilliance really lies in continuous knowledge, learning, adpating and exploring change. In effect - it is about enterprise wide Innovation.
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