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Saturday, September 01, 2007

General Motors, CMMI, IT Outsourcing - Can Toyota help?

When next time when you face the IT outsourcing decision - from which ever side (whether the supplier or consumer of IT services) - beware of the new kid in town - the CMMI-ACQ - the highly detailed Capability Maturity Model -(CMM) has a new arena - it is the outsourcing landscape.

General Motors with billions of dollars in IT outsourcing has come up with the new model.

Having seen the CMM first hand in some of high CMMI companies - it promises to be a all encompassing framework with focus on lot of documentation and lot of metrics measurement etc. Well, the framework is fine. However, it should not be carried out at the expense of actual work. With an inherent tendency of inefficiencies creeping in any standardized processes for software development, it is imperative that the framework should focus on continuous learning and problem solving at the lowest level - and here Lean thinking from Toyota production system comes in handy. May be the IT outsourcing needs to get Lean not CMMIzed!
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