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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Global Survey - TRIZ - Please Participate

Dear Friends:

Denis Cavallucci (past president of ETRIA and professor at INSA in Strasbourg, France) is organizing a global survey of the use and propagation of TRIZ. It would be very helpful if you would participate in the survey. Primarily, go to

and answer the questions—it will take about a half hour. Secondarily, it would be greatly appreciated if you would pass this e-mail to your clients, to enhance the industry participation, so that the broadest possible cross-section of companies can be included. There are more than 30 people in 30 countries who are distributing this survey—my emphasis is on India, and I know that many of you are multinational practioners—you will no doubt get multiple requests (the survey will be available in Spanish and Korean shortly—English only for now.)

There is one question that asks how you got this survey—if you got it directly from me, please just put “Navneet Bhushan” and if you got a request forwarded by someone else, please put the name of the person who sent it to you. When you forward it to other consultants and to clients, of course ask them to put your name in that spot. This will be part of the research on how the network works.

The survey asks about industry, consultants, and academics. If you are in multiple categories (academic and consultant, for example) please fill out both sections.

Thanks in advance! The results will be published at the ETRIA meeting and in the TRIZ Journal. Your participation will enhance the richness of the survey.

Look forward to your active participation.

with warm regards,


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