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Monday, September 15, 2014

Why do I read and why do I write?

Why do I Read and why do I write?

A perplexing question.

One reason is, obviously, that I have been trained to read and also form sentences that can be comprehensible for others. But of course I have choice. Not to read and not to write is a choice that I can opt for. Its just that I opted for doing it rather than not doing it.

Answer for reading that came to my mind when I was triggered to answer - and this is an eyeopener for me - "I read to understand, know, and connect with the mind, heart, and possibly with the soul of the writer. It looks like a need to connect and find the universal within all of us".

And surprisingly that seems to be true for writing as well. The writing - the best that you can express in words - will be to put mind, heart, and soul in what ever you are writing - be it a report or romance. If your writing has your soul it will connect with your readers as it can not be any different from their soul. When you write put your soul in it and that is it. To maximize the life in each moment of living and expression requires writing from the core of you.

When "I" dissolves away from your writing and expression remains the core of what you are, that becomes the final version of what you have written. The expression need to be devoid of you so that it becomes as close to the reader as your soul can be. That, I believe, is all there is to writing!

Whats others have mentioned as their reasons on "writing"

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