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Monday, September 15, 2014

An attempted Nazm with English translation

 An Attempted Nazm

Har Lafz mera poochta kyon maine usse banaya; 
Sochta ab tak tha main, lafzon ne mujhe banaya ! 

Yeh Mohabbat bhi ajab, kyon kar isse banaya; 
Mar gaye hum ishq main jab, kissa hume banaya

Pathron ko kaat jab rasta Naya Banaya, 
Soch kar duniya ne bus ek But Mera Banaya

English Translation
Every word of mine asks me why I made it,
Till now I thought, my words only make me

Love is strange, why it was made?,
When we died in love, they made us a folktale

When I made way by cutting through the mountains, 
The world thought about it and just erected a statute of mine
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