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Sunday, October 05, 2014

How to make Tea? Real Indian Masala Chai

How to make Tea - Real Indian Masala Chai

 Gurdian published an article titled

How to make tea correctly (according to science): milk first - 

The Link to the article is HERE

Looks like the world has to be taught - how to make Tea. I will tryto explain the Indian version of the Tea

Put water for boiling. As it reaches 50 degrees centigrade or so - add 1/4th amount of milk. I don't add sugar (but if you want you can)
Add ginger and cardamom - if you have these available.
Add tea leaves

Let the mixture boil. As it reaches to the brim - reduce the temperature so that it goes back in the vessel. Now give it one more boil. and one more boil.

Close the vessel and let the mixture simmer.

Pour the mixture through a filter into a large Mug (I really want a large mug of tea)

Start drinking one sip at a time and doing your work or reading a book 

I do not know about scientific method or the correct method -
But the above is the "best" method that we know of in India ...

{**** please try the above "algorithm" of making tea and give me your feedback ****} 

I am sure - the sophisticated Tea methods described in the link above - you will forget !
Look forward to your Indian tea making experience

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