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Friday, January 01, 2016

What I wrote on Linkedin in 2015

In 2015 I wrote 5 posts on Linkedin.

Just a brief summary with links to the posts for starting the 2016 - a fresh year!

1. StartUp Lessons - Innovation Consulting - Crafitti Story

Jan 6, 2015
  The StartUp Lessons from 7 years of Crafitti consulting - the story of Crafitti was the main themewith following lessons (a year later - I must say just reinforced)
  • IT HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN YOU! – Discover your Passion!
  • YOU have to define what you are doing!
  • YOU will become a CATEGORY in someone’s mind! Create your own category!
  • YOU have to invest time to understand Value to each Customer
  • Create a system
  • A system to understand and deliver Value to your clients as soon as possible
  • Remember Everyone is you customer and you are everyone’s customer – as “Ideas” can come from anywhere
  • Understand – World, Customers and Business – its your responsibility!

2. Innovation - Software, India and Entrepreneurship

 Jan 9, 2015

Key messages from three interviews after starting Crafitti was the content on which I built this write up.

....Then, what lessons did you learn from your failures?We were told many times to get out of the room when we presented our ideas to potential investors and potential customers. I run a consulting agency for innovation and meet new start-ups regularly. At that time, I thought because the professors at the university also consult the companies, we could approach the professors with our innovation frameworks. But it did not go smoothly. Personally, I have failed many times in business and in trying to apply these new methods and frameworks for innovation. But I have learnt that you can empower people just by saying good words.

3. The Way We Solve Problems - Creative vs Methodological


The engineering mind - always will reduce the problem into smaller more manageable problems while an artist will always try to construct patterns from observation.

.... before the ideation process - what was the state of your mind - whether it was more right brained excited or left brain excited will impact how you solve the problem.

4. Age of Intelligent Machines - What will Man do - Open Evolution

 Jun 23, 2015

 From the age of machines to the age of information, we will be moving to the age of Mind. A rather logical evolution of humanity and human created reality. Here, I must invoke evolution - and not the survival of the fittest advocated by popular press and wrongly attributed to Darwin, but, evolution which we can call  "Open Evolution"

The "Open Evolution" and "Unpredictability of Evolution" does not allow us the luxury of reducing our options of the future. Rather, my hypothesis is that with integration of Space-Time with Energy-Matter and now Information, i.e., STEMI, we will be integrating the STEMI with Mind - an unexpected explosion of creativity that evolution has not yet seen. 

5. Why Innovation Attempts Fail?

 Nov 4, 2015

 The attempts fail because of a peculiar propensity to start the attempt NOT with identification of needed change - assumed that everyone knows and we also know what is needed to be changed - BUT with How to make "whatever you change or whatever way you change" successful?

I call this Success Anxiety.   This anxiety is so overwhelming that we are blinded to seeing or putting an attempt to find out what change is needed - "why to change something that anyway is working?"  


keep on Crafting Innovation !

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