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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Book Release function –
In the Temple of My Heart by Urmil Satyabhushan
Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology , Bangalore
30 June 2007

I must say that I have participated in many book release functions, however, this one happen to be unique in more ways than one. The writer, her subject, the context in which the book was created, the main protagonists and the reasons for which this book emerged, once again came together in this event. The genesis of this book “In the Temple of My heart” by Urmil Satyabhushan lies in the events of exactly a year back, when the writer had to undergo angioplasty procedure using three cypher stents. In the words of Padamshri Dr. C. N. Manjunath who performed the operation in the SJIC, “It is not always easy to get a skilled doctor with wisdom and humanitarian qualities. Similarly it is also difficult to get a lovable and appreciable patient like Smt. Urmil who stands out as a unique example to patient community”.

This unique resonance achieved between the doctor and the patient provides an exemplary demonstration of how one can emerge out of crisis situations that the modern life keeps subjecting us to. The book illustrates how crisis situations can be channeled into creative manifestations. This is the hallmark of innovators of the world. I study Innovation in my professional life and also consult on imbibing Innovation in global organizations. However, the result that Urmil Satyabhushan has produced – the book – gives a unique revelation of process of real-life innovation through creative expression of pain and love. I believe, that the unbelievable ability and human qualities of the “The healer” – as the writer calls her doctor have played an unknowing yet a very powerful role in fructification of her pain into the book.

The book has five parts. If one studies these specific parts from a different perspective, these are nothing but a five step process which can be used as a framework for innovation in any other scenario. This is an unbelievable by-product of the book. Part I – The Wounded Heart, describes the pain, the events and the first hand account of experiences of the writer as she went through the journey of pain. In every innovation, one needs to go through the events, to feel the pains first hand is the basis for innovation as well. In Part II – The Healer, the wounded heart finds a healer. It describes how the healer speaks the language of heart. The healer loves the wounded heart. The writer says, “The healer cares like a mother holding the tender heart of the patient in his string hands”. Part III – The Memory Lane, describes how the crisis and healer’s love and care transcends time to take the patient to her past and look at how her near and dear ones have faced their crisis in the past. When one innovates, one looks at existing solutions and searches for solutions that others have created to solve the problem that the innovator faces at the current moment. Part IV – The Resolve, describes how the protagonist realizes that the strength has to come from within to endure and cross-over the crisis. Hope and light are inherent ingredients of transforming crisis into solutions that can take the patient through the healing process. She says,

My Resolve
I can still Walk
Song Bird
Seeds of Love
At last came the oasis

The solution emerges – it is discovered by the heart if it has inner resolve. Finally in Part V – The Faith, the writers tells that, “It is the faith which can move the mountains”. Immense faith in oneself and in divine power makes one strong to execute the solution and keep on moving on the chosen path.

So dear friends, it is indeed a refreshing experience to understand this process of studying one’s wounds and pain, search and find the healer, look at your past for those who have faced their own crisis, have inner resolve that leads to discovery of the solution, and keep the faith in your inner strength to transcends any crisis successfully. This book is really an expression of love – which anyway is the cure for all diseases.
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