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Monday, January 05, 2009

Innovation Crafting 2008 - Year in Review

The year 2008 was a momentous year in more ways than one - personally as well as the world at large. Let us review 2008 from the eyes of Innovation Crafting Blog

My new year message was 2008 ushers in the acceleration of innovation.

In January Looked at AHP at Wikipedia, How web 2.0 will create more collaboration in the enterprises and across. Niche Consulting firms emerging from India was an article I quoted, it was useful and interesting as we were thinking about starting a similar firm - which eventually we did in June 2008 - Crafitti Consulting Private Limited. Making your innovation happen post articulated the evolutionary way of shifting from survival of the fittest to elimination of the weakest. I posted my article and interview in my company website on how to design global learning enterprises. Ohno Circle in Software Development resulted from a question by my friend Suresh. Survival of the sickest with a hypothesis that diseases are actually surviving strategies was a fascinating book. Fear of failure is a major innovation decelerator - I agree. Word of mouth marketing and Net Promoter Score links are hinted at the post here. Gary Hamel's Innovation Hacking formula to see through the "fog of what is" was discussed here. Indications of what we will be seeing in 2008 became clear with the post on Complexity Rising. Muda outsourcing (Waste Outsourcing) is the trend that I thought we will see more.

I thought I will review 2008 - but seems like we have to do this in more posts. What a January 2008 I had! -:)
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