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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fear of Failure - Innovation Decelerator

Fear of failure is threatening innovation - the article in times online is, well, timely.

The article talks about the fact that Frontline - a company considered to redefine the wireless networks in US has been closed down.

The article states at the end

" Innovation in wireless, and more open networks, are clearly desirable from a consumer perspective, and it will take entities from outside the industry to force things in that direction. The fact that Frontline won't be among them shows just how difficult a proposition it is. "

I like the situation, it is not the incumbents who will redefine the market, it will be entities outside the industry who will rededine the industry. This has been exactly the findings of Atlshuller (the TRIZ creator) massive results of millions of patents. The Innovative soluations in an industry emerges from outside the industry due to Psychological Inertia or what I call Winner's Inertia to change the rules of the game. If Google has the opportunity, it has to think non-traditionally to design Innovative open wireless networks.
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