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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tipping Point Revisit - Word of Mouth Marketing

Having taken up this new research area - I am fascinated with how it really works.

The fastcompany article on Duncan j Watts comes really at the right point. I am half-way through his book titled Six Degrees - The Science of Connected Age and what he says is "Influencers Theory" is all bull. The article at Fastcompany also gives the viewpoint of influencers theory including Malcolm Gladwell of Tipping Point (and Blink) fame.

The link to Gladwell's Blink story is also interesting read.

Questions I am exploring are

1. Does Centrality, influencers and organized rules of propagation impact the diffusion of ideas or it is all random as Watts says?
2. Even if it is random, what is the best way to propate ideas?

we need answers!
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