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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Oil - what is in 2009

CII holds brainstorming session on innovations in oil and gas sector

Oil is the need - every decade starting from 1970s (or even earlier) it has remained the central issue.

The first decade of new century - especially last year it has broken all records - touching $147 Per bl and touching $35 per bl within a quarter - This is a Black Swan that remained central in 2008.

Let us see how 2009 cope up with it.

What are the Oil Scenarios of 2009! Can we do scenario planning?

Let us Invent a New 2009!

Let us Invent a New 2009!

We do not want 2009 to be another 2008 or any other year
Let us Invent a New Year!
Let us go Beyond
Let us Imagine
Let us Design
a Completely New 2009!

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