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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cricket and Life - WicketKeeping Rules

I played Cricket - reaching up to club level - in 1980s and 1990s. I developed naturally into a wicketkeeper, as I think the most involved position in the field is that of a wicket keeper. Having participated in many interesting tournaments (local in Delhi) and also being part of my organization's national team, it was but natural to develop wicket keeping skills as part of practice etc. Part of the reason for being a wicketkeeper may be a book that I read by Bob Taylor, England's Wicket keeper on Art of Keeping Wickets.

3 rules while keeping wickets - that I learned during my more than a decade of wicket keeping -
(a) never get up before the ball hits pitch
(b) always join the gloved hands by keeping the little finger of your right hand on the little finger of your left hand
(c) most likely the snick will come to u in the first ball of the start of the match and after any break!
There are very interesting life lessons in this as well - ! Do you get it?
(a) Decision making based on facts - delay decision as late as you can (Toyota's principle as well)
(b) A catch vs a drop depends upon how closely you work as a team - two hands need to be joined - there should not be any gap

(c) Complete continuous concentration on what you are doing - a small nap and opportunity escapes!

~~ These are my lessons ~~

Can you write your own lessons
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