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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What is your vertical? Crafitti's Vertical

I was asked again.

What is Crafitti's vertical? Please visit

Well, I am afraid it has to be OTHERS or ALL!

As we are an Innovation Research and Consulting firm - and our existing clients include.

1. A consumer care company (one of the big Indian companies)
2. A Motorbike manufacturer in India ( one of the top 5)
3. A Consumer Electronics Giant ( one of the top 5 in the world)
4. Many Software Services Companies
5. An SME in Engineering products (mining equipment)
6. Intellectual Property firms (patent analytics, patent lawyers)
7. One of the top three Oil (petrol) firms in India
8. Many Start-ups
9. One of the World's top 3 Data/Information companies of the world

and so on ...

We also have the India's first online patent analysis product using our own propriety algorithm called SocialCitnet

Hope it make sense - unfortunately we cant be bucketed in any vertical and may be an horizontal called "Innovation"

Looks like Crafitti's very existence as a Horizontal on Innovation in Business, Science and Technology - is a change that the world has not seen!

Hence very existence of Crafitti is an Innovation!


I keep on going back to our initial conversation in 2008 with a set of evaluators - when we told them we are an innovation research and consulting firm

They said are you McKinsey of the world, Google of the world or the Infosys of the world. My answer then was - may be we are all of them and none of them at the same time - but definitely we are the "Crafitti" of the world!

the answer STANDS today as well! We empower ideas together!

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