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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

India's Next Freedom Struggle - How to get freedom from rigidity

We need to start the Next Freedom Struggle - To make India Innovative - !

My working definition of Innovation is - successful creation of change by (new) ideas. Emphasis is on "successful" "creation" "change" and finally this has to happen through application of ideas - these ideas may or may not be "inventions" in the sense for example patent law/act describes it.

"Ideas" are those thoughts that become the genesis of change - these may be serendipitous or may be orchestrated. Since the genesis of change and in turn innovation (successful change creation) lies in ideas - it is must to enable ourselves with ability to generate ideas through thinking - may be systematically or may be through random triggers to the mind - Both are fine - but we need new type of thinking.

A new integrated thinking where three new thinking dimensions become important - "value
Linkthinking" - which has also been termed lean thinking, inventive thinking and finally holistic thinking or systems thinking. These three combined with existing analytical and logical thinking - is the framework that we call LIST (Lean Inventive Systems Thinking) - and our company CRAFITTI CONSULTING offers this an integrated approach for making your organization and in turn your country innovative.

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