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Monday, September 15, 2008

Barcamp Bangalore IIM 14 September 2008

Karthik had registered himself for the Barcamp BCB 7 and was speaking on Vedic Inventive Principles. This was orginally planned to happen on Saturday. I could not attend the saturday event as I had to attend to some personal exigency. But to my good fortune, Karthik attended another event at IIM on Saturday and re-scheduled his talk on Sunday.
This led me to spend my Sunday at the barcamp at IIM.

My Take
  • The energy level in the camp - really good!
  • The content - could be little more wider!
  • The techniness - of how to do things - could also be compensated by more science - why are things the way they are! (May be that is my preference)
  • Missing deeper ideas - the real gems are sort of beneath the surface - pure energy without the aspirational and design direction leads to lot of waste and one gets the feeling the wealth of the young minds is being taken away!
The Specifics
1. Making Money by Blogging : I reached half way through the talk on sponsored content on your blog and how to monetize your blog by writing sponsored content. The speaker talked very convincingly about how to earn more and more money by writing the blog for someone's furniture sale and any product review - give in to crap!
The speaker made lot of sense about making money on the fly - however - the utter uselessness of it was missed by many. If some one pays me for my blog - I make money - I would be not only happy - I would like to work that out so that I spent regular hours blogging. However, if someone tell me to write about - a particular store or a particular product and based on number of words I will get so many dollars (USD), I dont think I have the stomach for this. If you need to know - here are his links!
2. Contextualized Location based Mobile Pictures - AirMe's presentation by Apporva was very interesting. The airme's single click contextualized mobile picture upload to flixter and other open picture sites - has the potential to change many of the mobile users usage of cameras on mobile! We thought we will have a discussion with AirMe on some further thoughts! Lets see.....
3. Movie about Start of the Start - A film was made by some budding entrepreneurs or may be students (am not sure) about lessons learned by existing entrepreneurs who has build their business to some extent now
a) entrepreneur said -
  • need to balance finance+ technology + marketing
  • Lonliness is part of the start - cope up with it!
  • Get a Mentor
  • Close a Business - if it is not working - with satisfaction

b) entrepreneur said -

  • Word of Mouth has its limitations
  • Get Marketing Budget
  • Think about Value Proposition

c) entrepreneur said -

  • Lots of careful planning
  • Passion
  • If dont want to come out of comfort zone - dont do
  • No Distraction - Complete Focus
  • Patience
  • Believe in your product
  • Stay Connected (dont get isolated)
  • Be ready for delays of all kinds

d) entrepreneur said -

  • Life style changes
  • Attitude should be to learn
  • Biz Ethics
  • Ready for Huge Pressures

4. Vedic Inventive Principles - These are the type of topics I would like to see more and participate also, not because Karthik did it, but the fact that it was focussed on doing something at the end - the ideation exercise - that was really the value (I will write a separate post on that next)

5. The Marriage and Relationship - We left this presentation in between - as the four penalists could not decide what the hell they wanna speak about and who is the single speaker! Might have been interesting - but we somehow felt like watching a TV Reality Game Show where the participants fight with each other and the judges as well - Is that staged on TV?

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