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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vedic Inventive Principles - BarcampBangalore

Karthik made a presentation at the Barcamp held last weekend at IIM on his interpretation of Vedic Mathematics Sutras as Vedic Inventive Principles. The presentation can be downloaded from the link at Crafitti.

The presentation was well received by the audience - the best part was a small exercise on inventing improvements on the - next whiteboard marker. Here with a combination of TRIZ 9 windows and Vedic Inventive Principles - audience were engaged in impromptu brainstrorming session.

Very interesting thoughts came up due to triggers! I thought may be whiteboard marker should be a glove to be worn in the hand and each finger can be a marker of different color and palm is the duster.

Later on I came home and just like that searched the patent data base - lo and behold - Taiwanese Patent number TW265010 describes the invention - substancial part of the invention -
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