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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Recent Questions - from Blogs that I connect to

I have been reading blogs of some of my colleagues and friends - regularly. Sometimes I connect with them - or the minds connect with my mind in very interesting ways.

Sunil Raghunathan in his Blogpost explains Reverse Offshoring of IT Services
Then he asks what should be done to stop this in the next blog entry.
As a purely intellectual excercise and seeing the power of randon triggers - I thought let me look at what other bloggers in my blogroll list are writing and use these as a trigger to come up with solutions to the above problem.

1.) Lets look at Karthik's blog - WoW- he writes on
Business Technology - co-innovation space .... and I quote,"However more often than not, the quadrant of co-innovation remains untouched, invisible, unthinkable, infeasible and is tagged as foolish, impractical, futuristic and taboo.The co-innovation quadrant is the region of maximum value. Can we reach it faster? Can we aim not to be satisfied with a business++ / technology++ approach?"

2.) Lets look at Prashant's blog - WoW - He writes on
Indian Innovations –Crowd Management at Kumbha Mela ....... and I quote,"There was total influx of 20 million people during this mela. As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the sangam mela becomes the largest township on earth." He ends the articulation as, "Mela proceeding went well without a single stampede incidence. Can we not take pride in this achievement? Salute to Mr. Alok Sharma and all the organizers of Melas and also to all the pilgrims. It is a classic case of Innovations & discipline which always go hand in hand. "

3.) Lets look at Balaji's Blog -WoW - He writes on
Prof Athish Chattaopadhyay on Marketing Plan .....and I quote, "Athish encouraged us to change the product centric view to customer centric view. Then he made a case for systematic approach to marketing. And walked us through the set of questions to ask ourself to come up with a plan."

I will continue this exercise - of finding answers to questions posted in the blogo-social system. But initial solution directions are following
1. Shift productcentricity to customercentricity
2. Manage Scale through innovation and discipline
3. Dont be satisfied with ++ get into maximum value through co-innovation!

I think Sunil this is not a bad start! Thanks Karthik, Prashant and Balaji!
This is amazing tool to brainstorm!

Is India Toyota's Nemesis?

The news item about Toyota's launch of Corolla at Economic Times at the link here starts as, I qoute,

"It may be the largest carmaker in the world, but the famed Toyota is finding the going tough in India. The Japanese major has revised its sales target and delayed its 10% marketshare plans by five years to 2015. The company aims to sell 4-lakh vehicles by 2015 from this fiscal’s sales target of 63,000. "

Is this an indication of failure of the Toyota Innovation Engine to adapt to peculiarity of India, the complexity of multiplicity of co-existence that India has designed through robust evolutionary processes springing from deep principles of Indian culture of acceptance, assimilation and assertion through exploration. The truth is beyond the mind and beyond the body - as Indian philosophy says!

India calls for a Toyota rethink! Many fans of Toyota (I being one of them) would like to see how things evolve for Toyota in India.

Meanwhile, Ford motors have woken to the new world - may be two decades late I think - as there is a new found insight - "Small Cars Can Be Profitable"
The link above is very interesting.

What Tata motors proved to the world with its Nano Small Car, is being realized by the Biggies now! The world may be perplexed with the revolt against Nano in West-Bengal.
But we need to realize - This is India - We invite all to assert through exploration!
Its is continuous celebration of mind and body - knowing fully well - truth is beyond mind and body :)

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