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Monday, September 17, 2007

Change is the Only Job You have

From the 2000 AD article in Fastcompany Your Job is Change comes the concept and job title of Change Insurgent - phew... Well - how many of us are change insurgents? What are the key Change Insurgencies Skills we need to have in a world thriving and growing on continuous change? I just reiterate the Key skills mentioned

1. Continually invent better oprganizations
2. Aim for Dexterity - Growth AND Sustainability
3. Explode the Organization - Open (business, innovation, sourcing)
4. No Hierarchy - Work from current position only

The 10 rules are very relevant even now - 7 years is too much for same rules to be relevant - looks like these will survive next 7 years as well -
1. Manage the Blood Supply - just like a 30 minutes Jog per day will manage your heart for sustianing your body
2. Find and promote people who make you uncomfortable - This is very difficult in manager based organizations - however in a leadership driven organization this is the norm
3. Undermin or Subvert the Relationship people - This is most difficult as the political cliques formed in the organization over a period of time are difficult to undo - however thats exactly what is needed!
4. Generating Heat - I am not very sure about it - however it has to be learned -
5. Change Allies - the technology guys/solution designers and sales guys - let all other facilitate this dialogue as this is the only way to Cut-the in between management crap - well it is better said than done- position play is so rampant in most organizations
6. Hold change resister's hands - Destroy change inertia through making resistors fit in the changing way of work
7. Use tough love - Striking high in the organization - well CI's need to craft strategies
8. New Measures - I sincerely believe the metrics need to keep pace with the change - even the Balanced Score Cards - are really not so balanced.
9. Just Do It - The Nike Mantra is a recipe for execution - nothing succeeds like execution!
10. Leave it at the time you should - There comes a time for CIs to loose their value - right timing is important - rather than banging your head on closed doors !

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