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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Shelfari Authors Unbound - Co-creation Example

Following is the new example of co-creation for the attention economy. Shelfari is come out with this feature which I believe is the rightb step toward co-creation. It is like reader -writer co-creating the content!

Hello friends,Spring is finally here and we've been busy making changes and adding features to Shelfari. Check out what's new:Authors Unbound

On Monday we launched Authors Unbound, a community-editable page for every author. Contribute what you know about your favorite authors, add YouTube videos and pictures, enhance what someone else has started, and post your favorite author quotes. Anyone can contribute.

Start with one of the authors on your shelf or by editing top authors such as Paulo Coelho, Elizabeth Gilbert or Dean Koontz.If you're the author, be sure to link your Shelfari profile with your Unbound page by following the link at the bottom of the author page. Share with us what inspires you to write and post some of your own pictures and videos. With Unbound authors and readers work together to describe what makes each author unique.Please send us feedback and ideas for improving this exciting new feature.New Home Page

As we kept adding features to Shelfari we also kept adding more and more to your home page; it was long overdue for some tidying up. Try it out and tell us what you think.When did I read that?Now when you add a book to your shelf you can note the date you read the book. Don't remember when exactly? You can estimate "about six years ago" and we'll do the math.Explore Members, Books & GroupsWe all love to peek at what other people are doing, and now the Explore page helps us do that even better. Instead of only showing the most popular books and members of all time, you can now see which books, members and groups are active today, this week and this month. It's a great way to find a new book or a new friend.

This is just the beginning for these sections; please send us your requests for different lists you would like to see and we'll add them to our queue.Win a Free Signed BookThis month's free book is signed copy of Finn: A Novel by Jon Clinch, which explores the life of Huckleberry Finn's father. Sign up for a chance to win your free copy.We've made a lot of other updates, so come on back and see what's new.

Add a few books to your shelf and find a great book to read. There's always a lot to do on Shelfari.Happy Reading!-- Josh & the Shelfari Team
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