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Friday, September 12, 2008

Innovation Ignition Workshops by Crafitti Consulting - this month in Bangalore

CRAFITTI CONSULTING ( offers two days of Innovation Ignition workshops on our world-class frameworks developed and practiced to solve business and technical problems in large global organizations. These comprehensive frameworks are being offered for the first time in India in workshop settings.

Workshop 1:
Lean Inventive Systems Thinking – A Framework for transformation
September 26, 2008
Hotel Ramanashree, Richmond Road, Bangalore, India

Workshop 2:
Advanced Patent Analysis using TRIZ and other concepts
September 27, 2008
Hotel Ramanashree, Richmond Road, Bangalore, India

Are you, your team, your organization or your business
Impacted by rapid increase in Globalization?
Impacted by explosive increase in complexity?
Overwhelmed by continuous pressure to think out of box?
Faced with decision paralysis due to information de-coherence?
Feeling the heat of unknown competitors doing unprecedented things to eat away your business?
Trying to make sense of Patents and underlying value in Patents?

If most of your answers are YES, these workshops will help you find answers.

Do you think
“Decision Making” is your one of your teams’ core strength?
“Problem Solving” and “Innovation” are embedded in your teams’ attitude?
Your team manages to avoid getting into crisis most of the time?
You know the value that you are creating or delivering to your customer?
You are sufficiently leveraging Patent information openly available to build your business and technology?

If most of your answers are NO, these workshops will help you find answers.

To register, kindly fill the attached registration form and send it to us at
Questions or comments? Email us at or call at +91-80-41688077.
For news on upcoming events at Crafitti, do visit
Please feel free to forward this email on to your colleagues and friends who might be interested!

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