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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Age of Innovation - Black Swans of 2008

2008 Black Swans

1. Decades/Centuries old financial companies of the world gone off the face of the earth - Lehman and ML { I remember someone associated with ML telling that "we merrily lynch people's money"}
2. US Government buying AIG - The state becomes the savior - open markets, individualism wins, survival of the fittest - What happened to these principles?
3. Old black swans of HP buying EDS - is a smaller one now ..................................

Let us go back to December 2007 - when predicting trends was the fashion - no one - really no one told us 1,2,3 - well! here goes the power of prediction!

The oil price - will go high and high - well 147$/bbl has become 90$/bbl !

The science of innovation will become the output of the age of innovation! We will see the emergence of Innovation science - my prediction for 2008!

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