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Friday, June 17, 2011

MEANING is the Next Killer App

The Question crops up every time! What is the Next Killer App?

We saw Email, Searching (Google), User generated information consolidation (wikipedia) in 1990s - Email the killer app.

In 2002 I wrote a paper and developed a framework on identifying killer apps. In fact, the Killer Sure Score (KISS) of a proposed application was described in my book - Strategic Decision Making - Applying the Analytic Hierarchy Process as well. Despite researching, social networks, buddy finders, - I missed out including Social Networks as a Killer App - one must say, Social Networking has become a killer app with the combination of microblogging (read Twitter).

Is there a new Killer App - in this new decade - I think - it is "Meaning" - MEANING IS THE NEW KILLER APP.

"Meaning" is as varying as human minds - when every one is searching for meaning, everyone also wants to tell one's meaning of the world as well. The trends of attention economy, ubiquitous access, continuous redefinition of well-established values and norms - will lead to "defining your own meaning and telling to the world that this is what I mean" ~ the contours are already there, by the way!

We are hearing, Semantic Web for last 9-10 years or so. I think, Semantic Web has to be redefined to create the Killer App. The "Meaning" Killer App can be independent, it can be overlaying on social networking, overlaying on search engines, overlaying on emails - However, "meaning" is the next Killer app -!

Hope you wont ask "What Do I Mean?"

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