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Sunday, January 20, 2008

What I would like to achieve in my life?

Three years back I asked myself this question, " What I would like to achieve in my life?". What came out is what I reproduce below

What I would like to achieve in my Life?
Create and develop a world of Global Collaborative Creative Innovation!

I strongly believe that human beings exist to create. The only reason why we have such developed minds and intelligence is to generate something different everytime, something that improves the situation around us and ultimately the world that we live in. By providing us with this wonderful ability to create, nature has provided a self-sustaining system of living beings that are designed to survive and thrive despite multiple adversities. The world although having benefitted with extraordinary application of human intellect in multiple dimensions, has somehow not created a robust, self-sustaining, thriving and global human intelligence which builds and develops on each others ideas and creativity. Collaboration to create, to ideate, to innovate, to build, to craft, and to develop together through synergistic exchange across borders, languages, cultures, even civilizations has somehow been lowered to the bottom of our priorities. The narrow personal, commercial, national or ideological hoarding of economic and knowledge resources have become the sole agenda of multiple nations, organizations and individuals to act for petty, linear and sustaining power gains. I want to dedicate my life into building, creating and maintaining a world of Global Collaborative Creative Innovation which will align humanity to the objectives with which nature created us in the first place.
Building a Global Collaborative Creative Innovation Organization

I have reached to the conclusion that all differences created by geographies, language, national boundaries, color, caste, religion, etc are the biggest hinderance to world progress and in turn my progress.

Having worked in Government, Commercial, Mutlinational and Innovation based companies and organizations in the globaling world, I am convinced that I need to create an organization that truly generates and builds upon ideas of global citizens to solve multiple problems and take humankind to the next level of civilization. The proposed organization will leverage multitude of technologies, techniques, methods, tools and knowledge to create and generate innovative solutions for problems that plague the world around us. This organization will provide multiple information, knowledge, and innovation services through a benefit sharing model of collaborative ideation and development. It will connect with individuals as well as the powerful organizations to build a world of continuous creativity.

The new world is driven by and is driving knowledge and networking. The biggest enabler of this rapidly globalizing world has been the rapid pace of technological advancements. Greatest challenge lies in knowing about these advances and carving out solutions to problems impacting the world. Facts, information and knowledge about these advances is one dimension of the work that this organization needs to collate, create and develop. Second dimension will be culling out creative and innovative solutions for solving world problems at the systemic level. These solutions will not be ivory tower philiosophical theories, but feasible, actionable, executable, results oriented operational answers to these problems. This organization will become the idea hub of the world, creating solutions for geopolitical, economic, commercial, technological, social and environmental problems of the earth.

Writing, Teaching and Consulting

These are my core skills, that I have seen developing over my professional life. I have been thoroughly successful and I enjoy these as well. The Global Innovation Organization will be an ideal pad for me to exercise my passion and align my core competencies with my life goals. I plan to make this organization operational in year 2010. I would have completed 20 years of my professional life, gaining multiple skills by that time. I would have finished writing atleast few more books. I would have explored many other innovation, creativity, problem solving and decision making methodologies. I would have honed my consultancy skills further.

Development of Global Competencies

During my professional career so far I have interacted, worked and served many global clients. However, I still feel a comprehensive understanding to what plagues the globe requires a thorough and focussed study of what is going on across the world. Journalism may be an ideal vocation for understanding the world, but given the technological and problem solving exposure I had through my education and training, I think I need a deeper study through multi-dimensional dialogues with global thinkers.

Global networking emanates from global exposure and collaboration. I need to develop global networks of multiple thought leaders to create a Global Innovation Organization.
Just thought will share this - looks like 2010 is just 24 months ahead!

Lenses for Innovation Hacking - Gary Hamel

James Todhunter's post on his blog led me to Prof. Gary Hamel's Management 2.0 article on Innovation Hacker

Interesting Gary says four lenses that are needed to come out of the "fog of what is" - these are and I quote Gary -

1. Unchallenged orthodoxies—the widely held industry beliefs that blind incumbents to new opportunities.
2. Underleveraged competencies—the “invisible” assets and competencies, locked up in moribund businesses, that can be repurposed as new growth platforms
3. Underappreciated trends—the nascent discontinunities that can be harnessed to reinvigorate old business models and create new ones.
4. Unarticulated needs—the frustrations and inconveniences that customers take for granted, and industry stalwarts have thus far failed to address.

Well, these are interesting questions, however, the methods to get to other side of fog, really need to be experimented with. My comments posted at the site, I am reproducing below,

Dear Prof. Hamel.

I think the operating phrase is "anyone who is genuinely eager to “see differently.” ". I have been teaching various techniques, methods, methodologies as well as practicing these techniques in overcoming all the 4 U's that you mentioned over the years.

And I think it is clear, not all just start using it in their daily grind. They like every such workshop, seminar, and new techniques - but is it really a few who are as you said genuinely eager to see differently, who get up and start taking it forward. I dont really see any large company CEOs really fall in that category - really - as they have become large only by repeating what they have doing for decades - the scale-up process. So far the world was not changing as fast, as it does nowadays, - Now it is unavoidable for anyone to not to be geneuinely eager to see differently. May be the eyes need to be reinforced with diferent lenses. I have been experimenting so far and I think three clear winners are seen Lean Thinking from Toyota, TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) and finally Systems Thinking. I call it the LIST (Lean Inventive System Thinking) framework - in contrast to our long running Analogical thinking. You can get more info on LIST at

I came to this article from James Todhunter's blog

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January 16, 2008 00:54

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