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Thursday, January 24, 2008

When Geography is History ....

I am stunned by the beautiful statement by Balaji at his blog, Joy of Innovation. He Says,"

When Geography is History, Serendipity is the New Geography.

This particular post covers three important aspects - Globalization making the world flat; the event for startups and Balaji's proposal to feature it at SecondLife

If there is a need for an evidence of Gloablizing Innovation Complexity (GIX) Bang world - it is here.

Well said Balaji! - Geography is whereever you can reach now!

Business IT Disconnect and How to Overcome it?

The blogpost at the CIO magazine is indicative of increasing disconnect and increasing demand to align business and IT in large enterprises.

The post asks the question Is IT the scapegoat for immature business approach to technology.

I think it is much more deeper than one sided view either immaturish from business view of IT and IT view of business. Further it gets amplified when the CIO outsources IT to third parties who are good at IT but may not be at the Business, or business outsources to high end business consultants who may be good at Business domain but poor in IT.

What framework, methods, techniques can help to bridge the disconnect.

Well, I have been experimenting with Analytic Hierarchy Process combined with Balanced Score Card. It is working to bridge the disconnect and bring in all stakeholders together. Yet the complexity or what I call Enterprise entropy need to be understood and responded to - here in the complexity of the social system which any enterprise is will play a major role.

I think it will be good to look into the new science, physics or maths or whatever one may call of Social Networks.

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