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Monday, November 12, 2007

Design for Complexity

The recent insight from Gartner, "Business innovation will come from organizational openness" doesnt seemto be much of a new thing. Everyone talks about it.

The problem is how do we design the enterprise for openness. The enterprises where mental images and experiences are governed by close door, close loop, tight control, command and control hierarchical structures that were prevalent in last millennium, - how does one open the eyes of the organization big wigs - who by keeping the tight control are hellbent on killing the enterprise that they painstakingly built in the last century.

The Design for Complexity is a possible way ahead. What I mean is that shift the way we solve problems - we do it by dividing problems into smaller problems the so called reductionistic approach to solve problems. By increasing multi-dimensional horizontal links in the enterprise we will be increasing the complexity and hence in the eyes of the control freaks - the chaos. Well,Chaos to your eyes dear CXO's is nothing but value when it comes to enterprise in the new world.

Let the employees own the entrprise - not the management - as anyway they know what it is that is best in the given context - Management should perform an important function of designing theorganization so that employees can learn and create. The new HCL policy - if it is really translated - The Employee First policy is absolutely fantastic in this sense - However one small caveat- it is in contrast to customer first not management first - therein may be lie the nemesis of the policy as well -
Please redo it like this - Employees First. Customer Second and Management Last!

What say you?
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