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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Offshoring in the Cost-Flat world

The new world is becoming not only flat - providing level playing field to all, but also cost-flat - levelling the cost of doing work in different places of the world. This COST-FLAT GLOBE is already seeing interesting impact on the offshoring work or globally distributed work. Offshoring is not dead and not on life support as proclaimed by some

In fact instead of cost - the value proposition of offshoring by leveraging multiple geographies and mindset gives one a greater advantage - how can one have business running 24x7. Work needs to follow the Sun as it completes its round of the earth. It is not about Cost, it is about 24 hours enterprise availability, amalgamation of variations provided by multiple geographies and leveraging ideas generated by minds that are engineered differently in multiple geograpghies.

Second wave of offshoring as per the article here is the globalization of consumer services. Where tutoring and butler services can be offshored - Really?
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