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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Modelless fashion show - Holographic images

There are two parts to the upcoming modelless fashionshow as described in businessweek. First is the absence of models - yet humanless images carry the eerily real clothes in front of live audience. Second message is that it is not about the models per se but the clothes they are displaying - which for me is a new message - as so far the glimpses of fashion shows that I have been privileged to see - I felt its a model show - models happen to use some piece of processed papyrus to show themselves to the audience. At least people like me will know that the show is actually about clothes Now.

Implication of the holgraphic projection in my opinion are - Holographic conferencing - Holoferencing and peopleless product experience to potential customers. The car that you want to buy will start and run in front of you in your home for you to savour how does it really look like. The experience in your drawing room will be real - eerily real.

I am sure the dating and relationship site owners will be first to embrace these technologies and quickly, before other less exciting businesses understand the value and design applications.

Incidently this is the 100th post of the year 2007. Which is amazing, this year has made me realize the power and excitement of blogging. I realize that I enjoy this!
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