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Monday, November 12, 2007

Humble approach to learning

The Chairman of Indian Boston Consulting group writing in the economic times says we need a new approach to learning - less reductionistic more systemic and more humble approach.

Just to shift the focus - learning is natural if we are humble - because we believe we know much less and unknown is to be explored and learned as much as we can, however, learning is not natural if we have the arrogance of knowledge - This is a paradox - by learning you acquire knowledge and unfortunately the arrogance of knowing as well, which actually hinders further learning.

Learning matters in a universe which is evolutionary. However, the intelligent design theorists will have a different view saying universe is too complex to be evolved without divine intervention.

I am becoming convinced of the other way round - method - instead of reductionistic can we use complexification as a way of solving problems and hence learning. How do we complexify a system? As soon as one starts looking at we get into various system parameters to make it more complex. May be complexification is need in GIXBang world to solve problems. Also reaching the other side of compelxity - it is Simple there - however one need to transcends the complex.
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