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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Last two weeks I have been absent from the BlogSphere. Many reasons - primary being was down with flu and somehow was not really clear about how to write the 150th post of the year 2007 - yes I posted 149 posts last year which is amazing for a person like me. I tried to follow the lean principle of one-by-one - everyday I was posting atleast one. This trasformation happened in August 2007 and I posted one per day on an average. I thought the 150th post of the year will be a detailed overview of what I did... somehow I missed it - history will tell the loss of me not completing the 150th post of the year. :)

Well - some announcements

1. ChangeThis - I have submitted a manifesto proposal on Value creation in a GIXBang world. If Changethis receive sufficient votes, I will be allowed to write the manifesto. SO Please get up and VOTE FOR THE MANIFESTO HERE.

2. At the TRIZCON 2008 (the prestigious annual TRIZ Conference) my workshop proposal on Lean Inventive System Thinking (LIST) has been accepted. You can register for the workshop asap at this site.

3. James Todhunter of InnovatingToWin Fame has thanked some of his new Blog friends - at his blog He has included me as well - which is a pleasure and privilege as I sincerely believe his blog is fantastic in terms of exposure and depth in the Innovation space - Anyone in the Innovation space is advised to read James at InnovationtoWin

Well - I will stick to my mantra of one post on an average per day from now onwards - Lets see how I will be able to manage -

Wishes for an year of unprecedented achievements for you all!

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