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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Designing Innovation Learning Enterprises

There are two useful published entries - one an article and other an interview at my company's newsletter - which may be of interest to the readers of this blog. So I thought will just create links for you to have a look at the enteries. This is the company where I am working - that is Hexaware Innovation Labs - HILS as we call it.

The Interview

The article - Designing Innovative Enterprises in exploding global complexity

Would like readers comments!!

Making Your Innovation Happen

Making your Innovation Happen is the topic of discussion at fastcompany Innovation station

Following points have been articulated (by various commentators)

1) self-knowledge and a strong awareness about how other people skills and preferences differ from mine
2) willingness to listen and learn as much as I can about how the organization currently works, and why it's successful, and
3) commitment to looking at all the effects that an innovation will produce, both positive and negative.

Many others have commented some other factors including what Seth Godin says in his 2004 article.

I have been trying to answer this question as many others are as well. My take is that there is no single method - and there is nothing like my method and your method. There are multiple routes, techniques, systems, methodologies that have worked - best method is to explore as many methods as one can, experiment and evolve - in my opinion set-based concurrent engineering (SBCE) is closer to a natural evolutionary way of exploring and creating - doing all alternatives and elminating the weakest ones in the journey is the way the natural selection works - The Natural Selection theorists have got it wrong - It is not the survival of the FITTEST - it is really the ELIMINATION OF THE WEAKEST that propels evolution. Evolution give more and more chances to weakest - yet if the weakest can not live, it dies - however sligtly stronger than weakest are kept alive as they may be carrying a gene that will help others to live better in the future that will definitely change!

Elimination of Weakest is the step that we should choose - yet keeping the survival of all who are stronger than the weakest! Does it make sense?

It definitely make sense to Toyota New Product Development Organization!

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