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Monday, November 05, 2007

Wanderings of the Mind

Black Swan - I am living with the book over past many weeks - as I read it, it gives me an almost fantastic feeling of liberation from my own knowledge. It also verifies many observations and nullifies many knowledge management theories.

Platonicity has created a fantastic way of narrating things with causality - it has taken the human mind to where it is, it has taken us to science and engineering to causes and effects, yet we dont know at any time - is this action is done definitely, all the time, accurately the result witll be that.

What to do then?

Post Facto knowledge is always constructed narrative. Taleb in Black Swan states, " .... History appear in hindsight to be far more explainable than it actually was - or is"...

This kills the Data based inferences that our SIX SIGMA FRIENDS are used to force us to follow. Dear friends - Observe and create more experiences and may be we can be richer in our solutions rather than ask people to collect data, than create data Analytics!

What a waste is Normal Distribution? as per Taleb in Black Swan.

If you are not reading the book, pleas start it today. (By the way, I am not the author's representative :)

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