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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Revisiting Co Creationization

This is becoming a need now - customer co-creationization. I keep on thinking of the US Ivy league professor in 2005 August and the team members who could not see - when I uttered may be we need to brain strom with our customers to find out what we should be doing. I realize thats the way it is anyway.

Besides, self-boasting "I told u so" feeling, the co-creationization as a trend is becoming the need now. As can be seen from Kraft foods and Dell's explanation -

Further nails in the coffin of the existing I make, advertise, sell, and force my products and services on my customers syndrome are coming in the form of diminishing ad dollars available, as quoted by Executive from NBC "There are not going to be enough advertising dollars in the marketplace - no matter how clever we are, no matter what the format is"

India playing in content creation in big way is another trend as mentioned by ZEE TV Mogul Subhash Chandra

Well all the ingredients are here - we need to move from (An Ad in Indian TV) Bol India Bol (Talk India Talk) to Do India Do ....

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