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Friday, November 16, 2007

Complexification for Design for Complexity

Complexification for solving problems is a 180 degrees shift from reductionistic approach to problem solving.

If you have a problem - can you make it more complex by some means - how (1) add other adjacent problems to it (2) add Supersystem problems to it (3) add future problems to it (4) add past problems to it (5) increase the number of variables rather than cluster or reduce (6) increase the dimensionality of connections between problems elements ... many ways exist to complexify the problem, situation and scenario.

This further takes us to the field of systems thinking - everything is connected to everything else - in this scenario how do we separate the problem to study - all problem solving frameworks necessarily be models of reality crafted for study and solution- as otherwise it is not possible to delve into solution.

However, in the new world, more and more realization in many fields are emerging on complex systems - when small immediate interactions between systems elements create system properties that are not trivially attributed to the low level interactions - the so called emergent properties of the complex systems.

So in stead of making your problems simple -make it very c0mplex - and mind you - the optimal solution may emerge which is the simplicity on the other side of complexity! :)

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