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Friday, November 23, 2007

Management and Creativity

This is a very interesting topic. It so happens that three of my Blogger friends have posted on similar topic but taking opposite stances and I just quote them below:

Prashant Joglekar says, Too many executives are complacent grazing animals only too ready to shy away from new ideas.

Karthik says why Management and Creation are difficult partners in bed ...

Pankaj says one needs to align projects (including new projects) with Corporate startegy as reflected in Balanced Score Cards.

Suresh in his comments on Karthik's post says - these are superficial differences

What am I saying? At this point - I really dont know?

BARCAMP @ Bangalore

Last week I attended the CII KM Summit - The summit was overall excellent. However the concept of unconferences stood out. I havent participated in any unconference before.

As a person who experiments more than continue the same way of doing my work, I immediately jumped to get in the first unconference I could - which is happening tomorrow @ Bangalore. Although this is in Knowledge Management space, and knowledge may not be only way to innovate, in fact according to Taleb (Black Swan, again!) knowledge is actually a hinderance to change/innovation, yet I am excited to be part of Kamp-blr, my first unconference.

I am also speaking - provided there are audience on the following topic - Globalizing Innovation Complexity - Wealth Generation in the GIXBang World!

Lets see - how it goes!
will share my experiences once I have gone through - although (once again Taleb, Black Swan) Narrative is typically a far cry from reality - I will narrate the experience without connecting the events. Quoting Taleb," I will King Died and Queen Died" rather than " King died and then Queen died in sorrow"!

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