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Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Science Fiction Story - I wrote in 1988

Following is a Science Fiction story I wrote exactly 20 years back. It is interesting to read again - I read few days back - Still looks interesting to me - May be who knows it is the reality as well -! In Hindsight I would like to title it the Hypothesis of Recursive Universe!



Following is a report published in the newspapers in the year 2061 A.D., March 31st.

Kamade Hypothesis: 50 Years

It was a strange accident that occurred in the year 2011 A.D. which made us realize that we may not be alone in this Universe. In fact, what we consider to be the universe may actually be a tiny electron for some intelligence bigger than we can even visualize. What really happened is that a Scientist died in year 2011 A.D. in his Lab and about 5 hours later he came alive. On regaining consciousness he told a shockingly unbelievable story that is recounted below.

Prof. Shamta Kamade, expert particle physicist, senior scientist, TIFR, Bombay, India was conducting experiments using particle accelerator in the TIFR Lab. Suddenly he fell on the floor and lost consciousness. Unfortunately no one was there at the time to help him. After about four hours or so his assistant came in the lab. He called for medical assistance. The resident doctor at the campus came and declared Prof. Shamta Kamade dead. The cause of death could not be ascertained and it was assumed that he died of his third heart attack. Unlike the previous two attacks this time it was too much for his frail, sixty year old body.
The news of his death spread like fire. He was one of those rare scientists who were quite popular amongst all due to his variety of interests. About a dozen scientists and other staff gathered in the lab. There weren’t many people in the campus as it was a holiday.

As the body was taken out - to everyone’s surprise, Prof, Kamade came alive. He was in high spirits and he immediately asked the date and time. On being told the time he remarked, “ So I was gone for five hours only”, and then he told a very curious tale.

He said that he was transported to a tiny electron that looked to him as the earth looks to us. Further, to everyone’s horror, he said he was transformed to a life form existing on the electron in the particle accelerator. He compared the electron as a planet revolving around the atomic nucleus.

He said there were countries there of people, animals, plants – much smaller than we can imagine. It was not possible to explain everything but he was telling only what looked possibly close to our visualizing capabilities. For example, he continued, as such no specific human form was there, but a life form was there that was in control of the planet as he called it. He said although he was there only there for 5 earth hours he lived close to twenty-five lives on the electron. The time there passed very fast. He lived, died and was reborn with many ages there. He said, the concept of rebirth is a proved now. Also time is not an absolute parameter or meaning. He remarked that in a minute of our lives many civilizations are being created, eliminated and prospering in the tiny particles.

The electron on which he lived he called Electropica. He said he was born there in a family and learned everything there – grew, worked and then died. Then he was reborn to a new age. In his first life, he was born in the primitive age of Electropica – an age in which life forms were still evolving. Then he was reborn in more advanced age. With each rebirth he was born as life form of higher and higher intelligence. He termed life as a function of transformation from one life form to another or to same life form. He said, five times out of his twenty-five births at Electropica he was born into same life form. In the first two births, his life form was used as slaves by a higher life form but in the next three births his life form was the master of the planet. Hence he concluded that control of Electropica was changing from one life form to another with each age. There was no monopoly of any life form unlike earth.

Prof Kamade said that he covered millions of electron years (as he called one electron year to be equal to the time taken by the electron to cover one period around the nucleus). In the end the electron was accelerated and broke off from the nucleus. Whole Electropica was annihilated. On being asked whether there were days and night on Electropica, he answered that there was a constant glow on the planet, which he was not able to attribute to anything.

Prof Shamta Kamade died after an hour of his coming alive. But this time he had a real heart attack. There were about a dozen persons who heard and saw what happened there that day. All of them swear by what has been written here. His young assistant who was 20 years then is now crossing 80 years – having spent whole is life searching for Electropica.

Prof Kamade is dead now, but he has left behind a remarkable hypothesis. There are many questions. Many people considered the story as a well-planned hoax. An international committee of scientists questioned individually and collectively all the eleven persons present that fateful day. The committee felt that all of them were telling the truth. But it is quite possible that Prof, Kamade had hallucinations, though the doctor who examined him negated this theory forcefully and in fact said that was a serious attack of his professional competency.
Fifty years later world is still waiting for the scientists to prove of disprove what Prof. Kamade started. This is popularly called Kamde’s Hypothesis or Kamade’s hallucinations. The question still lingers in many minds whether the earth is just a small electron for some huge intelligence, which is not able to reach us because it can’t see us, i.e., there is uncertainty involved. Just like we can only find either position or velocity of an electron at a particular instant. Meaning that simultaneous determination of position and velocity of an electron is impossible. But the Kamade’s Hypothesis says that there are civilizations on that electron. Is it that our galaxy is nothing but a tiny piece of matter for some huge civilization? Are there cycles of life, i.e., if we are electrons for some life forms and that life form is nothing but electrons for some higher life form and so on? If that is so, where is the end of this cycle or where does the cycle ends? The questions are increasing but answers are difficult to get.

If Electropica was true then the question arises that Kamade’s transformation from earth to Electropica and then back to earth was some fluke of nature or a result of some asymmetry in nature or was is it a consequence of some miscalculation on the part of …. Whom?

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