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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Some More Poems - I still call them Poems

New Creation

My creation is new,
But Ideas are same old, already thrashed by many,
Nothing new
Just play of words

Liars and Judges

You all are a lie,
But who am I
To Judge
What is real and what is lie?

Broken pieces of My Life

Every Broken piece of my life
I have kept with me
So that
If someone sometime needs,
I can give –
At least one piece of my life


Every day
Life is breaking down piece by piece
And all of us extending our hands
In thin air
Search with hope for one piece of life


I never thought that
There would come a time
When my own thoughts
Will set in me deep layers of fear


O’ dear Sorrow
You are so alone
You search someone always –
Everyone wants to leave you
Run away from you,
Yet you are so shameless –
Don’t you have any self-esteem?
Please stop
Just feel the joy of loneliness
Wordless complete joy of loneliness,
But how will you feel this joy,
You are sorrow, and you always search for someone in vain
O’ Sorrow!


Nowadays you look like a common man
What’s the matter - Dear GOD -
You look so helpless?


Why do I always recognize
Real faces
Multiple layers of masks on your faces


We try umpteen ways
To save our self from snakes
But these days’ men can bite you
With more venom


Knowing that you have won,
You still accept defeat
Then only you achieved victory really


Why we don’t think
And think why we think
Think what we think
And why we don’t think
About what we think

Leaf and Greenery

The old yellow leaf
Flying in air
Stuck to the green branch
Searching once again its greenery
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