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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I call them Poems -

Old poems - just posting - sort of memories of the past - but they may be the windows to future - I dunno!!!!

Running behind words
I got just

I have to walk in burning Sun

Rows of roses engulfed
In the morning dew have invited,
The bathing green leaves
In the evening turmeric are calling,
Moonlight fluttering at the Night’s door
Winked at me as well,
Despite the arrival of sudden wetness
In the half slept eyes,
I have to walk in burning Sun only -

My Tears

When the blood oozing from my cut finger
My tongue found full of salt
Then I realized why my tears
Do not reach my eyes nowadays


Why all of us are alone?
When all of us are together –
Or is it that you all are just the shadow of togetherness
Each one of you -

Laughter and Tears

Momentary joy – My laughter
Surprisingly -
Permanent persistent fulfilling happiness-
My Tears
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