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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Generalists Vs Specialists

These days people claim lot of interesting stuff, MATHEMATICALLY

Look at the article at ScienceDaily - an interesting result - Generalists are needed and they can thrive in a world conditioned to work as a group of specialists. In fact, the article quotes the scientist as follows

For Waite, the findings reinforce his broader world view. “We should value each other much more. We should value people who have a diversity of skills and interests. They might not have really recognizable specific skills but they might be good at doing lots of things,” he said.

I am really not very clear about whether this is something counter intuitive really. In fact I have seen the multi-taskers, people with multiple skills (not depth in all of these) actually become the boss - it is anyway I believe - the generalist in all businesses is really the great influencer and connector and the lynchpin of a business - if the generalist is not there the system will break up!

May be I am missing the excitement of the finding in the research above! I will not go to the extent that some of these models prove the obvious mathematically, yet thats closer to my feeling anyway!
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