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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

200th Post - (100 posts in 3.5 months)

Last year October (22 Oct, 2007) Innovation Crafting completed 2 years - and the 100th post to the blog

Then I promised that next 100 posts will take half the time (12 months).... Today I am completing the 200th post to Innovation Crafting... It is unbelievable (it took 3.5 months to complete next 100 posts) -

Am I hooked on to this - ! I promised myself on an average of 1 post a day (as per LEAN THINKING) - I am trying to keep that pace - though it is not easy... yet I think if one focus on doing it - it is feasible ... I proved to myself ! I am doing it...

Why am I doing this? I think, it is a sort of a feeling of achievement at the end of the day... obviously everyday I cant write something --- yet it happens on an average - one per day...

Further there is encouragement from my friends - whose lead and direction I follow - James Todhundter's Blog experiments and changes I just copied as is and he gave me feedback that he liked the new look Innovation Crafting -- (Thanks James, you know it is changes are stolen from your blog - the very interesting and who is reading my blog - i just picked from your blog)

Next in line - from whose blogs I am planning to steal the goodies are Prakash, Karthik and Shambu

Watch Out Guys!
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